One Last Moonlight

Another owner of my mother's original home had built a new house, and the old one was going to be torn down. Before that happened, the owner contacted the family members who had lived there and invited them for one last look. 

This is what I wrote after I'd learned of the last visit. It was about that house that I visited as a child, what I remembered, and what I thought might have happened in the mean time

When it's so cold

Deep in winter, when everything is frozen hard, you'll know the feeling, I'm sure, of bundling up to keep warm when you do have to go out. Scarf, hat and mittens. When the trees are coated and the rooftops are layered with snow. Here's how it feels...

Autumn Leaves Fall Softly

Even though we had a light snowfall this week, there are still many leaves to shuffle through as we walk down a street or sidewalk, as friends and I did in Paris, Ontario, this past Sunday.

Fall, or autumn, as it's also called, takes us from summer to winter in a relatively short space of time, it seems.

And so, as I think of the leaves, I'll share this poem I wrote in a poetry challenge with Poetic Bloomings